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I posted up one of my scrabble tile pendants late yesterday... new it was late, but still posted it anyways. I posted the picture of it everywhere I can: Deviantart, plurk, twitter, crafterzone, indiepublic, and so on. I wake up this morning to find that it had sold already! It sold last night!! O_O! I was surprised because I usually don't sell stuff that fast. I am soooooo doing the happy dance now, lol!

So after that one sold I just listed my newer one to etsy and see if it will have the same magic as the other! I am going to try to post one once a day to keep my view up in my shop ^__^.

A friend of mine (Bon Bon Babe) has a booth at Treasure Aisles and allowed me to put my kanzashi flowers there to sell... so while I was there I got Carrot Cake Bon Bons and Peanut Butter Fudge. They are AMAZING! The Fudge was only 10 dollars for a pound! That is very very cheap, you spend like double or triple that at other places! I can't put it down and Justin can't as well! Justin is a very very picky eater, so yeah, lol.

Everything is reasonable prices and soooo yummy ^___^ I am hoping to take my mom there one weekend.

Oh! And she had scented candles too! They smell so nice. I got myself a cinnamon bun scented one. Also got a pair of earrings too that I will take pictures of later.

If you live in Ohio, you must go to Treasure Aisles at 402! Try the sample of glass candy and pralines! Buy foods, jewelry, and candles. If you don't live in Ohio, go to her site to check it out ^___^ https://www.shakeyourbonbons.com/

So far Justin's mom likes the bon bons a lot as well ^___^ still waiting for my family to try it out.
I just made this for a customer ^____^ I am hoping to make more with brocade fabric this week to put up in etsy.

More behind hereCollapse )

Justin and I are thinking of going to a craft show in Columbus later this year. Going to make at least 10 hats, 100 pendants, 50 clay items, and maybe 30 flowers/kanzashi. We have most of the materials already... gonna start on the flowers first since I need them anyways for the site.
So many X.x... too many, lol... but oh well, it helps me make money, lol. Working on two necklaces that need to be done this weekend, so I can get it to Arcade Ness (a friend from Texas) before a convention.

Then working on a key chain for Dayzee of a daisy with a heart in the center, Another heartless key chain for Whimsy, Nobody symbol earrings for a friend, and much more ^__^.

I love Custom Orders, but being over flooded right now with them, lol.
Starting today when you buy an item from my shop this week, you get a 15% off coupon that even works on sales items for a month! How to use the coupon you ask? When you want to use the coupon, convo me telling me what item you want and then I will go in change the price of the item to its 15% off price. I will also add the reserved title to the item. This way I don't have to refund you through paypal and that will take some of the refund money away from you due to paypal's fees.

15% off can be used on sales items as well! So all is good ^___^ and your first purchase can be on anything to be able to get the 15% off coupon.

This deal is over by Saturday 24th of Jan at midnight eastern time!

Also if you are an international seller or buyer on etsy you might wanna join my International Etsy BBS and my International Sellers List that appears in etsy's promotions forum on every friday.

Just found out I was featured in a Treasury come and check it out! THANK YOU, FebystanDesigns
Starting tomorrow in my shop... when people buy an items they will get a 15% off coupon to use on their next purchase in my shop within a months time from their purchase! That way people have a month to get moneys from work to be able to get something. This 15% off can be used on a request too ^___^~

To figure out how much your request will be... look at items in my shop that are similar first to get an idea and then convo me...

Typical range for items:
Phone Charms- 8 to 12 dollars
Hats- (plain) 20, (detailed/character) 25, (with a lot of detail/resin) 30
Key Chains- depends on detail (amount of clay) and difficulty 10+
Earrings are hard to range since you can do so much with them to make their price change.
Ok... I bet it can be hard for international (or Non-US) shoppers to find shops that sell to them. This is where this blog post comes in! I have a thread on etsy collecting people's shops that ship ALL over the world and I will list them here. Easy? I think so. Helpful? I hope so!

- PastryStitches
Here's my shop, of course... I sell earrings, pins, key chains, phone charms, and hats. Also I welcome requests!

- NotMonochromatic
jewelry, sock monsters, prints, paintings, pet mats, pet toys, and later handbags, coin purses, clutches

- cbeads
jewelry supplies

- thefinickystitcher
scarves, iPod and cell phone cozies and wash cloths

- 2CraftyChix
Flannel rag edge quilts, adult bibs, restaurant high chair covers, funky knit purses

- CustomDogBandanas
Custom photo puzzles, dog bandanas, custom wood photo sculptures, etc.

- ss10001
unique macrame jewelry

- chickscratch
vegan massage candles and sugar scrubs

- hmmmbymel
handbags, scarves, and coin purses

- flirtbuttons
buttons, magnets, mirrors, jewelry

- StokesGalleries
polymer clay jewelry using real leaves

- knotby9
handmade and vintage for dolls and nifty people

- GlassCat
Contemporary Fused Glass Jewelry and Stained Glass

- SophisticatedFun28
Dichoric Jewelry

- lunaessence
Handmade Artistic Jewelry & Handbags

Charm bracelet, necklaces and bracelets, unique

- Tekzuki
Clothing, head gear, stuff for walls

- hollystreasures
Beaded Jewelry

- whimsywingsandthings
Hats, earrings, ear cuffs, doll items, pillows, and plushies

Requested... these are shops that don't normally do international sales or aren't listed as one, but are willing to do so on some requests.

- caffeinatedfrenzy
Knitted items, gloves, scarves, and hats
I have just made a silver fortune cookie, navi (fairy from zelda), a silver cross with hearts on it, and new symbol kitties that I am gonna take pictures of for my commission thing. Hopefully they will be up today or tomorrow.. also have my heartless earrings I have just finished to add up as well.

I was looking at my kitty heads and trying to figure out what else I can do with them and suddenly pandas popped into my head... so now I am gonna make panda ones too. Gonna try making more Japanese related items like the cherry blossoms (sakura), lanterns, the red shrine entrance thingy, and more ^___^.

I am also gonna try making some plushies... don't know what yet, but I will let you guys know ^____^


Ok, so I am starting to make my fabric stuff now, already made my Valentine Hat, which is already is my etsy shop, yay! Working on a hat based off of Carbuncle, which I am hoping to have finished later this week or next week. I finished tracing and cutting out the fabric... still have to make the resin for the gem ^_____^. I am starting a list of hat ideas... if you have any ideas for me, please share!


My boyfriend and I were talking about making hoodies now as well... some normal or uniquely designed and others that are based off of characters.. hoping to make one soon based off of Gir or a Moogle next week. The hoodies will be made when ordered due to having to know the customer's size and all.


Looks like we won't be making anymore phone charms... unless people request them since it looks like a LOT of phones aren't coming with the area for the phone charms now. We are gonna keep doing our key chains and earrings though... gonna start doing hair pieces and maybe bookmarks as well. Don't know for sure yet... we shall see if I get a job soon or if things start selling.


Yes, we do commissions/requests... actually we would LOVE to get them for challenges as well as so we know what to make more of or to know what our customers like/love. Already working on a commission for a necklace from Shadow Hearts: Covenant for someone.

That's all for now ^____^
Happy New Year everyone~!!!!

Ooooooh! Since I am gonna be working on resins soon (b/c Arcade Ness commissioned me to make him Yuri's necklace from Shadow Hearts), I am gonna make a carbunkle hat with the ruby gem on it, hehe! Maybe try Jack and Zero hats from Nightmare Before Christmas. Chocobo somehow, Heartless and Nobody hats too!